Top 3 UK Web Hosting Providers 2017

7th March 2017

Our three favourite web hosting companies for 2017

Here is our top 3 list for UK-based web hosting providers that we have personally used; therefore these reviews are based on our own experiences with them.

We chose to review only UK-based hosting companies as they have UK-based customer support, which is always handy, and also because they host their websites on servers in the UK, which would make sense if you are a UK business; this also helps to serve your web pages to your users more quickly, in comparison to using a US-based hosting provider and having your web pages served form a server in the US.

Anyway, let’s crack on with the list…

1. Heart Internet

Heart InternetNottingham-based Heart Internet have been providing first class web hosting and customer support from their purpose-built state-of-the-art data centres since 2004.

We have personally used Heart Internet since 2011 for all of our hosted clients’ websites including our own. In this time there have been a few minor issues which they are always quick to resolve keeping downtime to an absolute minimum. Whenever we have had any problems their customer support has always proved to be outstanding.

They have won many awards including several for Best Web Hosting and also for their excellent customer support, which is 24×7.

Heart Internet have a wide range of hosting packages for you to choose from, starting from as little as £2.49 p/m excl VAT, to their more expensive premium hosting packages which offer server-level performance for more demanding websites including VPS’s and dedicated servers.

They also offer a reseller account costing just £29.99 p/m excl VAT which allows you to host an unlimited number of websites on their shared hosting platform. Some larger websites that are hosted on their shared platform can perform a bit on the slow side, but you get what you pay for. The shared hosting platform isn’t meant for big ecommerce websites, it is meant for small to medium sized websites. If you want to host a large website that gets a lot of traffic or an ecommerce website like a Magento store, then I would suggest a VPS with a decent spec.

The control panel that they use for their hosting platforms is cPanel, which is incredibly user-friendly and includes a huge assortment of features including FTP and database management, file manager and one-click WordPress installation. You also have the option to choose Plesk as your control panel when purchasing higher-end hosting plans.

The good stuff
  • Awarding winning 24×7 / 365 customer support
  • State-of-the-art data centres
  • Several cost-effective basic hosting plans
  • Cheap shared hosting reseller platform for unlimited websites
  • Super-fast, managed premium web hosting packages with server-level performance
  • Affordable and high-quality VPS solutions for larger projects
  • Powerful, high-end dedicated servers
  • Dependable WordPress specific hosting
  • Simple, full-featured easy-to-use control panel
  • 99.99% uptime

We have worked with other hosting providers before Heart Internet, and in between, but we have found no reason to switch to another provider and will continue to use Heart Internet for many years to come.

2. UKFast

UKFastMulti award-winning, Manchester-based UKFast have invested £22m in their data centre complex offering the highest levels of performance, reliability and security.

They boast some of the best figures for uptime in the industry, and are also well-known for their incredible speed and performance capabilities.

Not necessarily a selling point for your hosting needs, but I feel like I have to mention it as it’s so impressive (to me anyway), but I have seen the UKFast offices and they are incredible. You can tell these guys mean business. The environment is extremely creative, ultra-modern, and apparently an excellent place to work. This is always a good sign as a happy workforce and an enjoyable working environment always translates across to the service that the customers receive. These guys love what they do, and it shows.

They have a very wide range of different hosting solutions from basic cloud hosting to high performance dedicated servers. Most of their packages come with cPanel, however you have the option to choose either cPanel or Plesk if purchasing a dedicated server.

The good stuff
  • Awarding winning 24×7 / 365 customer support
  • State-of-the-art data centres
  • Super high-performance hardware and infrastructure
  • Several cost-effective cloud hosting plans
  • Magento-optimised hosting stacks
  • Powerful, high-performance dedicated servers
  • Customised server hosting plans for any situation
  • Colocation services
  • Simple, full-featured easy-to-use control panels
  • 99.99% uptime

If for any reason we ever decide to switch to another hosting provider, we would most definitely choose UKFast.

3. Tsohost

TsohostTsohost started in 2003 in London and have grown considerably since then. They now have data centres situated in many locations across the UK with their HQ now in Maidenhead, and even a new state-of-the-art data centre in Singapore.

We have found Tsohost to be a really good and reliable hosting provider. Prices are very competitive, cheaper than most other providers for the lower end hosting packages – from £1.25 p/m. However, their speeds don’t seem to be quite as quick as they once were for their lower end hosting plans.

Like Heart Internet and UKFast, they also claim to have 99.9% uptime and have excellent round-the-clock customer support from a renowned team.

Their customer support are usually in touch very quickly should you need them, and almost immediately if marked as a priority; even out of hours or on weekends.

They use their own heavily modified cPanel as their choice of control panel which is easy to use and has a good amount of features that you’d expect from a decent hosting company.

They have a great range of hosting platforms to choose from depending on your needs. They have a cloud hosting platform based on their own cloud architecture, which is ideal for the average website. They also offer a reseller package similar to Heart Internet’s for hosting unlimited websites. They have hosting solutions optimised specifically for WordPress, Magento and Joomla etc. Furthermore, they have a decent range of managed servers including VPS and dedicated servers for more advanced websites.

The good stuff
  • 24×7 customer support from a renowned team
  • Several state-of-the-art data centres
  • Premium hardware and technology
  • Some of the cheapest hosting plans in the UK
  • Cost-effective cloud hosting plans
  • Flexible premium managed Linux VPS hosting
  • Powerful, high-performance dedicated servers
  • Simple, easy-to-use modified cPanel
  • 99.9% uptime

It was a tough choice putting Tsohost at number three as they have some great high performing hardware and aren’t too far behind Heart Internet and UKFast, but considering how many hosting providers there are to choose from, number three is a good position to be at.


So which hosting provider should YOU choose for your own personal requirements?

Let’s look at this from another perspective. Let’s say you fit one of the following six scenarios and you require web hosting for your own particular needs.

  1. You are an individual or small local business and require super cheap hosting for one small website with good support. Speed isn’t an issue for you, and you expect traffic to your website to be fairly low.
    Recommended for you: Tsohost – basic cloud hosting
  2. You are a small to medium sized business and require affordable hosting for between one and three average sized websites with reliable support. It doesn’t need to be super quick, and you don’t expect traffic to your website to be very high.
    Recommended for you: Heart Internet – business hosting
  3. You require budget hosting for an unlimited number of small to medium sized brochure websites with reliable support. Fast speeds aren’t too much of a requirement, and you expect traffic to your websites to be between low to moderate.
    Recommended for you: Heart Internet – reseller account
  4. You are a medium to large sized company with a decent budget and require high performance hosting for a large WordPress website or an average sized ecommerce website with reliable support. It needs to be quick and reliable, and you expect traffic to your website be between moderate to high.
    Recommended for you: Heart Internet – VPS
  5. You are a large corporate company or online retailer with a big budget and require secure, scalable high performance hosting for a large corporate website or a large ecommerce website like Magento, with first-class 24/7 support. It needs to be very fast and reliable, and you expect traffic to your website be high.
    Recommended for you: UKFast – dedicated server
  6. You require hosting for an unlimited number of large CMS and ecommerce websites with high bandwidth usage and excellent 24/7 support. Speed, scalability and reliability are very important, and you expect traffic to your websites to be between high.
    Recommended for you: UKFast – dedicated hosting

We could also look at this from another point of view. Let’s base your decision entirely on budget alone. Regardless of whether you want simple cloud hosting, a managed VPS or a powerful dedicated server, all three of these hosting providers cater for all of these requirements.

  1. You want the cheapest hosting – Tsohost
  2. You have a decent budget – Heart Internet
  3. Money is no object – UKFast


We have tried many different UK web hosting companies over the years, but the three listed above are our top three. Based on support, cost, ease of use, speed, performance, reliability, security and choice of plans, we find that Heart Internet is the best overall, with UKFast coming in at a very close 2nd choice and Tsohost a close 3rd.

Best for customer support: Heart Internet
Best for reseller: Heart Internet
Best for standard business hosting: Heart Internet
Best for mid-level performance hosting: Heart Internet
Best for VPS hosting: Heart Internet
Best for ease of use: Heart Internet
Best for reliability: UKFast
Best for high performance: UKFast
Best for speed: UKFast
Best for dedicated hosting: UKFast
Best for security: UKFast
Best for basic hosting: Tsohost
Best for cheap hosting: Tsohost

Best overall: Heart Internet


If you want super cheap hosting for a small simple website and speed doesn’t matter too much, go for Tsohost.
If you need good but affordable hosting for a small to medium sized website, go for Heart Internet.
If you need decent budget hosting for an unlimited number of small to medium sized websites, also go for Heart Internet.
If you need fast and secure hosting for a larger brochure website or average sized ecommerce website, again go for Heart Internet.
If you require secure, reliable and high performance hosting for very large websites, go for UKFast

So there you have it. As you can see, Heart Internet fits most peoples needs, and is in our opinion, the best overall web hosting provider in the UK.


What do you think of our list?

Do you agree or disagree with our recommendations and comments, and can you recommend any others?

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