Top 5 Website SEO & Speed Testing Tools

3rd March 2017

Here are our top five tools for SEO and page speed

There are so many different online tools for testing website SEO, speed, performance and mobile optimisation, it’s difficult to know which ones to use. So we tried them all, chose our top 5, and broke them down just for you in this top 5 list.

Here are our top 5 website SEO and speed testing tools. These tools analyse your website and test for SEO performance, desktop speed and mobile optimisation.

1. Varvy

VarvyVarvy is our favorite tool because it has three 3 very thorough testing tools – SEO, Speed and Mobile.

It has a very clean, tidy and minimalist design and a very user-friendly interface which makes using these tools extremely easy.

After you have performed an analysis, it provides you with lots of information which is accurate, thorough and extremely useful.

What makes Varvy stand out even more is the amount of useful resources they provide which tells you exactly how to do everything that will improve your website for SEO, speed and mobile performance, so if some of your analysis comes back negative you can easily address these issues using their on-site resources. Varvy is also the only tool on this list that gives you a full SEO analysis too.

2. GiftOfSpeed

GiftOfSpeedGiftOfSpeed is actually quite new to us (as of this writing), we only recently discovered it and it is amazing.

It has a ton of features and offers at least eight different individual testing tools such as website speed test, CSS optimisation test, image optimisation test, GZIP compression test, caching test, keep-alive checker and many more.

Like Varvy, GiftOfSpeed also has a clean design and is very easy to use, and comes with some decent resources with plenty of optimisation tips and information, just not quite as in-depth as Varvy.

Although this is our number 2 on the list, it does come very close to Varvy. I just like using Varvy slightly more because it shows you everything you need through one test rather than running 8 or 9 different tests.

3. Pingdom

PingdomPingdom is used purely for website speed testing, and is our go-to tool if we just want to do a quick page speed test and nothing else.

It is very quick and easy to use and gives you the most important page speed insights as well as your grades for various performance factors.

The most useful parts of the analysis are page size, load time, how fast your website is compared to other tested websites, number of requests, overall performance grade, and the performance insights which show you where your website can improve.

4. Google Website Speed Testing Tool

Google Website Speed Testing ToolWhen we are testing our websites for page speed, SEO performance and mobile performance, we usually use Varvy, GiftOfSpeed and Pingdom to begin with and then use the Google tool last just to see how Google views it once we have carried out our optimisations etc.

The Google Website Speed Testing Tool is a great tool and it’s always useful to know exactly what Google thinks about your website. After all, it is Google that we are optimising our websites for.

The tool scores you on three separate things – mobile friendliness, mobile speed, and desktop speed. The results of the analysis are clear and easy to understand and it tells you exaclty what to fix, they will also send you a detailed report if you want one.

This is another easy to use tool with a very user friendly interface and clean design which is to be expected from Google.

5. GTmetrix

GTmetrixGTmetrix is probably one of the most well known and mostly used website speed testing tools out there, it has also been around for quite a while too.

GTmetrix is quite thorough and provides you with a fairly detailed list of performance insights similar to Pingdom.

However, we usually use this tool last, and sometimes not at all, not because it’s no good becasue it is, I just don’t like using it for several reasons. It is ugly. I don’t like the design and the user interface, it is easy to use, it just looks messy compared to the others and I like a good design. Also, the information it provides in the analysis I can get from the other tools anyway. Another reason I don’t like it is because you can only test it from a server in Canada, which isn’t too good if you live in the UK. And lastly, almost every time I have visited this site, I’m in a pretty long queue and have to wait a while for my results.

GTmetrix is a good testing tool, but because of personal preference and one or two minor flaws, I have had to put it last on the list.


What do you think of our list?

Do you agree or disagree with our recommendations and comments, and can you recommend any others?

Test your website out using these tools and see how well (or not well) your website is performing. If your website analysis sucks and requires a ton of speed, SEO and mobile optimisation improvements but you don’t know how to fix them, get in touch and we can arrange a consultation and address those issues to give your website the performance it deserves.

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