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You can’t afford not to have a responsive website

With mobile browsing on the increase, a mobile-friendly website is now a must have for any online business.

The global smartphone audience has surpassed the 1 billion mark and this statistic is only going to get higher. One quarter of the worldwide population access the internet using a smartphone on a monthly basis. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website by now you are harming your business and losing potential customers.

By having a mobile-friendly website, you instantly become more accessible to a much wider audience, allowing more visitors to easily browse your products or services at any time and any place.

Don't be a dinosaur; the 21st century is mobile-friendly, and you're stuck in the past

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Responsive website Vs mobile website

So, what’s the difference between a responsive website and a mobile website? Well, lot’s of things really!

A responsive website is one single website that is built in such a way to be flexible and adapt it’s layout depending on the screen size and / or device that it’s being viewed on. The elements on a responsive website are built so that they become flexible and stack on top of each other when viewed on the smaller devices such as mobile phones. We won’t go in to too much detail about how this is done as that’s for us to worry about.

A mobile website, however, is a completely separate website, one on it’s own in addition to a regular desktop website. Can you see the problem with this one? Yep you guessed it, this means you now have two websites to keep up to date and manage instead of just one. This can also have a negative impact on SEO.

Responsive websites are the much more preferred method of mobile-friendly design as it has many more benefits. Mobile websites have pretty much died off and are now only really used in certain situations for very specific projects such as banking websites.

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