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All web design projects start with a creative brief; a well defined list of what the client wants and doesn’t want the new website to do and look like.

It must also have a clear objective of what the website should achieve and what it’s primary focus or goal should be, i.e. showcase products via image galleries and therefore be more like a brochure site, capture more leads and generate more enquires and therefore be more like a sales tool.

We put a lot of effort into our designs to make them look as awesome as possible, but a pretty design isn’t always enough – enter UX and UI. We incorporate UX and UI design principles into our design process to ensure that your website is an effective online tool for your business and an enjoyable browsing experience for your customers. You can read more about UX and UI design below.

We will work with you and keep in touch on a regular basis to make sure that we are on the same page throughout the whole design process. Once a design is approved and signed-off, we can start with the actual build of your new website.

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UX and UI design to the rescue

But what is UX and UI I here you cry… let us explain; UX stands for user experience and UI stands for user interface.

UX is the thought process that goes into thinking about the way users should navigate the website, it is the analytical and technical part of the design process where we put ourselves in the customers shoes and figure out how they would want to browse the site and to make it an easy and enjoyable browsing experience for them. This could include brainstorming and sketching / wire-framing.

UI is the actual graphical design part of the process where put out ideas and results from the UX process into an actual graphical user interface design (website design). Once this is complete we would then show you our final thoughts on what we think your new website should look like and answer any questions you may have and / or make any changes you suggest.

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