What is Webware and do I need it for my business?

11th October 2017

How Webware can help you and your business succeed

In simple terms, webware is online software that can be accessed through a web browser. Any computer that is connected to the internet can access it, anywhere in the world without the need to download or install anything.

Webware is more commonly known as web applications, online software or Software as a Service (SaaS). Each of these variations do have their own slight differences but they are all pretty much the same thing.

What webware can be used for

Webware is a great time-saver. It can be helpful to most businesses and used for almost any online task. For example; an appointment scheduler for a salon, a booking system for a hotel, a stock inventory system for a warehouse, a stocks and shares system for a trading company, a project management system for a design studio, a client support area for an advertising studio, plus many more possibilities.

Webware can also be integrated as part of a companies’ website and work together as one seamless system. We can also use social media API’s to integrate webware with your social media profiles if you run a business from Facebook for example.

Business today

We believe that a lot of businesses today can not survive long term if they don’t become mostly automated. There are so many things that need to be done to make sure anything we do is something of quality. In many cases, there are not enough skilled people or enough money to pay them all to achieve this. At the same time, if you can’t provide that level of service / quality then you’re business isn’t going to last very long.

The reason why so many people go into business for themselves is because they want less headaches and more time and financial freedom, but a lot of businesses get the opposite – they actually get more headaches and less time, but in some cases they at least make more money, but even that is no guarantee that it will continue. Another reason people start their own business is because it involves something they love doing and would rather do that for the rest of their lives than anything else.

Our goal

Our goal is to encourage businesses to embrace web-based technologies like webware and to help them evolve, by automating parts of their business processes and making daily mundane tasks a thing of the past. Where everything is clear, defined and simple for their employees, and everything is of high quality for their clients. Thus allowing business owners not having to deal with unnecessary stresses of running certain parts of the business and managing multiple tasks, and also because their employees and / or clients have things made much easier for them by using webware to put jobs on autopilot – saving vast amounts of time.


Firstly, there are two types of work;
1) work that can be completed by machines
2) work that can be completed by humans

For our goal of ‘business automation by the use of webware’ to be achieved, a few things within a business need to be guaranteed to make it possible. The sales for the business need to be 90% automated by quality marketing; the other 10% of work for sales should be done by people who don’t need any previous experience, just the natural inclination to be inquisitive, have an interest in their job, and enjoy the company of the people they work with. The work process should be mostly automated and people should only need to do 3 things with the webware solution – analyse, oversee and tweak.

All other aspects of a business other than this are likely to be very specific jobs that can not be done by a machine and require skilled workers and professionals to oversee, manage or complete.

The problems we see

The biggest problems consist of business owners not being able to pay professionals enough and / or the business being so complex and misunderstood a lot of the time by either the business owners themselves or of their staff that it becomes incredibly difficult to make money.

Time is another problem; so often there are just too many unimportant and mundane tasks that need to be completed that it leaves too little time for business owners and their teams to focus on the more important tasks. As a result, most businesses strive just to stay in business at all.

Sometimes there just isn’t enough time and money to hire the right people for the job, so companies have to rely on other methods to get something close enough ready. This in turn makes the clients dissatisfied eventually and results in loss of business.

The solution

The webware solutions that we create should eventually clearly define all the processes needed in almost any business and automate as much of it as possible. It should make the business more profitable and less hectic to ensure that both the owner makes more, the employees earn more and the business is not strained all the time. This in turn allows for more strategy time and improvements for the business. It also allows for the employees to be more reliable and also replaceable if need be, but most importantly it gives employees the ability to feel more free and in control, and more comfortable by working in an environment that doesn’t create stress or lack in any aspect of their job roles. This is great for the business, the business owner and the employees – everybody is happy.

The business owner is not a micro-manager and instead prefers results over power over other people. People are working more and more these days; longer hours, unsociable hours. Investing in webware to automate essential and / or none-essential business processes can eliminate this.

Real world example

One of our clients (a trading company) was unsure initially, but they were curious because of this vision we had. They showed us an excel-based system that was created by a friend of the company owner and was generating contracts for them. It automated about 5% of the work needed to be done and they were very happy with it. However, they needed an update on the system but the friend had disappeared. So instead we said that we would like to create our vision for their problem and see what they say about it.

We quoted up the first MVP (minimum viable product) of the system and presented our idea. They liked it and even agreed to pay the 30% up front payment so we could start the work. Fast forward almost 4 years; they value our advice in almost everything that has to do with how things should be done in their company and any automation strategies all come from us. They have learned to define a problem and present it to us and they trust us to solve this problem for them with a solution that will define and automate the task as much as possible.

The result is that they are more productive now than they ever were before, and they have now developed an appetite for automation and are even expanding into other markets in which they also turn to us for help and advice for.

What’s next?

If you enjoyed reading this article, and you like the sound of webware and think it would be an ideal fit for your business, you can read more about our webware services here and send us a webware enquiry and we’ll get back to you with a solution.

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