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Shouting from the rooftops

KK Roofing is a fairly new company. After working for many years in their industry for other companies, they finally decided to set up their own company a couple of years ago.

KK Roofing quickly went from strength to strength in a short space of time; from just a Facebook business page and a bunch of excellent reviews and recommendations from very happy customers, they are now one of the best and busiest roofing and property repair companies in their area.

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KK Roofing

The brief

The client was gaining popularity quite quickly in their area so they came to us for a website to showcase their work. In addition to this, they needed the website to advertise their services and also their many glowing reviews and recommendations.

We were instructed to use all the info from their Facebook page to populate the website. Other than this, we didn’t really have a brief to go off like we usually do so we were given 100% free rein over the project.

The result

Fortunately for us the client’s Facebook page was full of info, photos, reviews and recommendations so we had everything we needed to populate the website.

The client was amazed at how quickly we put the website together and at how good it looked. It does a great job of advertising their services and showcasing their excellent work. Their reviews and recommendations are in prominent places throughout the website as well as clear call-to-actions.

It works flawlessly across all platforms; mobile, tablet and desktop. The website is very clean and professional-looking with plenty of white-space.

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